Is Religion mass psychosis?

I have a friend named Jane who is invisible, always with me and is next to me right now. I talk to her every day, several times a day and she does things for me that only I can see. Jane created the universe. She created you and I as we are now 6000 years ago. The scientists that have dated the universe 14 billion years old are liars and the fossils they have found that are up to 3.5 billion years old were put there by Jeff to test our faith in Jane.

Jeff is Jane’s mortal enemy, and is responsible for all things bad in the world. Jane created Jeff.
Luckily she has written everything down for us. The writings say many things about life after death, that I will enjoy bliss forever when I die and many other metaphysical claims that cannot be proven by science. I don’t try or want to understand how science works.
The writings also express many ideas that must be followed and even though the ideas contradict each other page by page I get to choose which ideas I like. Some ideas say ‘love everyone and don’t hurt anybody’ but those ideas are outnumbered by things like chopping the heads off of people who don’t believe in Jane, killing those who stop believing in her, and that those disbelievers will be tortured for all eternity. I pretend these ideas don’t exist when people ask me.

Jane cares little for women. We know this because other people she has talked to in the past also wrote it down for us. I won’t kill for Jane, but I will sympathise with anyone who does. Jane IS everything.

You would think I am crazy if I said this, and that perhaps I should be locked away forever for other people’s safety. Yet replace Jane with Allah or God, and Jeff with Satan and you have described a large majority of the earth’s population. There is absolutely no distinction between what has been said and mental illness.

Delusional people don’t know they have a delusion, and that’s the definition of delusional. Now, I am not saying that everyone who has this faith has psychosis but I am saying that they share a very irrational, illogical and unsupported-by-fact-way of thinking.

I’ll point out two things. One, I do not think religious people are not intelligent. There are plenty of intellectual religious people who use logic and reason in 90% of their life but fail in this one area. This is called being intellectually dishonest or cognitive dissonance and takes a large reliance on confirmation bias.
And two, I do not think all religions are the same and this is obviously directed at specific monotheistic religions (Abrahamic) in which a God created us, just to be offended by the biology it gave us, then torture us for all eternity for acting on the free will it also gave us. These Religions distinctly oppose freedom of will, sexual freedom, peace, and liberating ideas despite making large claims to the opposite.

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