Misrepresenting what Is

Being misrepresented is an uncomfortable experience but not uncommon. If you pay close attention you can see how you are constantly being misrepresented in everyday life. Little situations like someone making you a coffee and you letting them know it’s lukewarm only to have them reply, “so you’re saying I’m shit at making coffee? You’re... Continue Reading →

Asking and Answering Better Questions

Questions make up a large part of any conversation and the way we ask them may elicit different answers from the person we are talking to even if the questions are about the same thing.Recently I was reading polls about America’s affirmative action and whether people thought it was a  good thing or not. The... Continue Reading →

Making better comparisons

We are always making comparisons. Whether we are deciding what job would be better for us, what political party we want to vote for, what is the best research about a given topic or just where we want to go for dinner. It is a fundamental aspect of daily life and doing it thoroughly is... Continue Reading →

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