We Dislike What We Don’t Understand

Personal preference is a part of what makes us all unique. We all have different likes and dislikes. But could we dislike things simply because we don’t understand them?The philosopher John Stuart Mill theorises that if one has experienced both higher and lower pleasures then they will always choose the higher pleasure. One would always... Continue Reading →

Same Information, Different Ideas.

If we all have good reasoning skills then shouldn’t we all be coming to the same conclusions based on the information we have? We are all exposed to similar information about things every day yet come to completely different conclusions than our friends. Why is this? One possible explanation is subjective viewpoints. Take this simple... Continue Reading →

The Folly of Subjectivity when forming Beliefs

Most of us have had conversations with someone when, after making a statement based on fact, their response has been either “But I feel like____” or “But I don’t think____” or “But I believe____”. The least reliable path to truth is through ones feelings. If you’re a relativist and ‘believe’ your truth is your truth... Continue Reading →

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